National Association for Regulatory Administration’s 2020 Virtual Licensing Seminar, Sept 14-16, 2020

2020 Virtual Licensing Seminar

September 14-16

NARA presents this year’s concurrent session schedule for the 2020 Virtual Licensing Seminar! This year we’re featuring great conversations centered on the great work that you all do. Check out the sessions highlighted below and register today.

Monday, Sept. 14

Concurrent Session A [1:45 – 2:45pm ET]

Validation Studies of Licensing Key Indicator Rules and Risk Assessment Rules: State of Washington and the Province of Saskatchewan
Presented by: Rick Fiene, Sonya Stevens, Kim Taylor, Derek Pardy

Establishing Collaborative Relationships in Early Child Care
Presented by: Sharon Woodward

The Joint Commission Behavioral Health Accreditation – QRTP Accreditation Implementation
Presented by: Mary Louise Wei, Colette Bukowski

Piloting a New Bridge to Quality
Presented by: Nakilia McCray, Shannon Carroll

Monday, Sept. 14

Concurrent Session B [3:00 – 4:00pm ET]

Keeping Children Safe: Trends in Child Care Licensing
Presented by: Sheri Fischer, Tara Orlowski

Licensing and Enforcement in the 21st Century – Innovation, Collaboration, and Data
Presented by: Tyler M Farmer, Sonya Stevens, Judy Bunkleman

Assisted Living Regulations During a Pandemic
Presented by: Margie Zelenak

Licensing’s Role In Supporting the Reduction of Suspension & Expulsion
Presented by: Amy Page, Alexa Watkins

Tuesday, Sept. 15

Concurrent Session C [12:30 – 1:30pm ET]

Effective Strategies to Regulated Assisted Living Providers
Presented by: Alfred C. Johnson

Working Together to Advance Quality
Presented by: Tara Lynne Orlowski, Ed.D., co-presenters TBA

The Quality Connection: Connecting the Dots for Continuous Quality Improvement
Presented by: Iko Ezell-Blackmon, Catherine Broussard

Remote Inspections: Protecting Health and Safety in Emergency Situations
Presented by: Ron Melusky, Alisa Hendrickson

Tuesday, Sept. 15

Concurrent Session D [3:00 – 4:00pm ET]

How Stakeholder Collaboration Drives Successful Outcomes for Technology Implementations
Presented by: Michelle Thomas, Martin Bing

Using Licensing Data to Understand Connections Within Early Care and Education
Presented by: Nina Johnson, Kelly Maxwell, Simon Bolivar, Michele Adams

Utilizing Trauma Informed Care Principles in Licensing Inspections
Presented by: Donna Sabo, Joyce Debolt

Coming Together in the Time of COVID
Presented by: panelists TBA

Wednesday, Sept. 16

Concurrent Session E [1:45 – 2:45pm ET]

Putting the Pieces Together
Presented by: Michele Adams, Jeanne VanOrsdal

Measuring Workforce Competency
Presented by: Tara Lynne Orlowski, Ed.D., Ryan A. Wilke, Ph.D.

An Approach to Tackling Unlicensed Child Care
Presented by: April Rogers, Tahishe Smith

Social Distancing and On-site Inspections – Defining the New Normal
Presented by: Mark Parker

For more details on each session, check out NARA’s website.

View the Seminar Schedule-at-a-Glance online.

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NARA has been my professional go-to organization for over 20 years. The availability of knowledge from its members, issue papers, credential, and products has been invaluable. I am looking forward to this year’s Seminar, and while I will miss the in-person networking and seeing friends from across the country, I am honored to be part of an organization that is supporting its membership with this free learning opportunity. Debby Russo, NARA Board Member

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About Dr Fiene

Dr. Rick Fiene has spent his professional career in improving the quality of child care in various states, nationally, and internationally. He has done extensive research and publishing on the key components in improving child care quality through an early childhood program quality indicator model of training, technical assistance, quality rating & improvement systems, professional development, mentoring, licensing, risk assessment, differential program monitoring, and accreditation. Dr. Fiene is a retired professor of human development & psychology (Penn State University) where he was department head and director of the Capital Area Early Childhood Research and Training Institute.
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