An Excursion into Meteorology

I have always had a keen interest in meteorology but never had the time to really get into it because of my research work as a research psychologist and regulatory scientist. But now in retirement from Penn State and RIKI I do have the time to really begin to make a full excursion into it. So this blog post will be very different than all the previous 175 blog posts and I will introduce this new journey.

As many of you probably know, I am a real data geek. I have been since grad school when you begin to make the decision to go clinical or research in psychology. I have always loved numbers and working with data sets. So for me it was an easy choice. Recently, I had found that I wasn’t getting my data fix and being a data addict, I started to think more about meteorology and all the data that are present when you look at radar and weather charts. So I took the plunge and got my personal weather station (PWS). It is an Ambient Weather WS-2902-C WiFi OSPREY Solar Powered.

Here is a posting of my RIKIRJF Weather Station:

As you can see from the weather station name I have stuck with the RIKI label. Here are some other URLs that will take you to other weather related sites that you might be more familiar with:

I have fully engaged in my excursion in setting up my PWS, but also I am pursuing getting registered and certified as a mPing SkyWarn Spotter so that I can send actual observations of storm conditions in addition to the data that gets sent to the NWS: National Weather Service via their CWOP program from my PWS (GW2138; G2138).

I have also become a member and an associate with the Royal Meteorological Society and the American Meteorological Society to learn more of the science and to further my education and take courses. Royal Meteorological Society American Meteorological Society

I have been so welcomed by the memberships of both societies and they have been so willing to share their knowledge with an amateur meteorologist. It has been a great deal of fun and very intellectually stimulating. It is not everyday when you can correspond with meteorologists from NOAA and NASA. I plan in future blog posts to share some of these conversations; but also check out my Facebook and Twitter sites where I will be posting as well.

Rick Fiene, RMetS Member: 59934; CWOFID: GW2138; MADISID: G2138. You can contact me at (Email for RJFRIKI) or (Institute email for RIKIAWS/RIKIRJF).

About Dr Fiene

Dr. Rick Fiene has spent his professional career in improving the quality of child care in various states, nationally, and internationally. He has done extensive research and publishing on the key components in improving child care quality through an early childhood program quality indicator model of training, technical assistance, quality rating & improvement systems, professional development, mentoring, licensing, risk assessment, differential program monitoring, and accreditation. Dr. Fiene is a retired professor of human development & psychology (Penn State University) where he was department head and director of the Capital Area Early Childhood Research and Training Institute.
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