New Saskatchewan and NARA Project Demonstrating the Efficacy of ECPQIM and Differential Monitoring

It is exciting to announce a new differential monitoring project in the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada being done by NARA – National Association for Regulatory Administration.   This project will assist the Ministry of Education in developing a full blown differential monitoring system with key indicators, risk assessment rules, and quality indicators along with the validation of each.  It will be a full evaluation of the ECPQIM – Early Childhood Program Quality Improvement and Indicator Model (please see the following webpage ( for additional details about the model.  This project will get back to the original purpose of differential monitoring in providing a balance between licensing indicators and quality indicators being used in tandem during abbreviated monitoring reviews.  This approach of combining key indicators with risk assessment rules focuses on children’s health, safety and well-being developmentally.

I will be providing updated RIKI Notes as we move along with the project delineating the various phases.


About Dr Fiene

Dr. Rick Fiene has spent his professional career in improving the quality of child care in various states, nationally, and internationally. He has done extensive research and publishing on the key components in improving child care quality through an early childhood program quality indicator model of training, technical assistance, quality rating & improvement systems, professional development, mentoring, licensing, risk assessment, differential program monitoring, and accreditation. Dr. Fiene is a retired professor of human development & psychology (Penn State University) where he was department head and director of the Capital Area Early Childhood Research and Training Institute.
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